Have you noticed how strange human beings are?

human silhouette.jpeg

Let’s stop for a moment and think about how weird human beings are.

No other creature lives as creatively as we do. And, at the same time, we wreak more havoc than any other animal on our planet.

Still, you must admit, we possess a strange, but stunning, genius.

We don’t just move. We stroll, we run, we dance.

We don’t just gnaw.  We eat. We take in food, seated gracefully, elegant utensils in hand.

We don’t just sleep in caves or soil.  We like resting surrounded by more than just the basics, with mattresses, blankets, pillows, and quilts.

And, when we see a tree, we don’t just notice its leaves and rough branches. We fall in love with its beauty, the pay homage to its radiance through painting, song, and poetry.

How we live tells us that we’re more than cells, chromosomes, and organs.  For if we are only matter, why do ritual and beauty punctuate our most mundane tasks? Why do we insist on embellishing how we move, eat, and rest? Notice how we exist not only to produce, but also create. We live not only to survive, but run after happiness, fulfillment, ideals, dreams. Ours is a strange, stunning, and at times, extravagant genius.

Now, don’t you ever wonder who came up with this idea of making bipeds that eat not only to keep on living, but to enjoy?  Don’t you ever wonder who drew up the first human archetype–a machine that makes, but usually more than the necessary?

Whoever our first designer is, he or she must be bigger and more creative than some random faceless force.  For how can we be more than whoever made us? How can we be more interesting, more personal than whoever thought up the strange, stunning genius we possess?

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If you’d like to comment on the argument made here, or in the video linked to this post, I’d love to read them. Thanks for stopping by!

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